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Oct 14, 2012 1:15am EDT
are not poor or latino or black. there were black and latino students not admitted in the same class she was. i think there is a larger pool that can be offered admissions. invariably, it is not necessarily because race is one of the issues considered among 12 different things considered. >> know. i don't think black students should be hard. i think educational opportunities should be ready at the elementary and secondary levels so that the gap is made smaller. >> how did she determined she had a case? >> the fact a transparency. she looked around. she did not get in. she thought she should have gotten in. she looked around and saw students of color who did get in who had lower grades and test scores than she did. she decided that maybe she was the victim of racial discrimination. she certainly was the victim of race being held against her in the admission process. whether she would have gotten in without her persistence really nobody knows. that is part of the secrecy of the process. that is one reason why this is so rare. she had to pick a long shot that this lawsuit would get her some more.
Oct 13, 2012 8:55pm EDT
unemployment, we now have the lowest african- american unemployment, the lowest latino unemployment ever measured. 22 million new jobs, very low unemployment nationally. instead of ballooning the debt and multiplying it four times over, we have seen the debt actually begun to be paid down. here are some promises that i'll make to you now. i will balance the budget every year. i will pay down the debt every year. i will give middle-class americans tax cuts, meaningful ones. and i will invest in education, health care, protecting the environment and retirement security. we both made promises in this campaign. i promise you i will keep mine. let me tell you about one of the governor's. he has promised a trillion dollars out of the social security trust fund for young working adults to invest and save on their own. but he's promised seniors that their social security benefits will not be cut, and he's promised the same trillion dollars to them. and embrace the highest common denominator of the american spirit. i don't know what affirmative access means. i do know what affirmative >> i know w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2